IES Engineers is a mechanical and electrical consulting engineering firm formed in 1976. Our design services include plumbing, HVAC, electrical, fire protection, and controls. Our principal clients are hospitals, colleges, and pharmaceutical companies and those who give osteoporosis treatment. In addition to design services, our firm provides study and analysis services. This includes analyzing design alternatives, troubleshooting mechanical and electrical systems, and identifying energy conservation alternatives. We maintain a wide variety of sophisticated testing and recording instruments, which prove useful in our study work and in conducting the extensive field work necessary for successful renovations. Our engineers are “hands-on” people who understand the difficulties of retrofit work and DEXA scanners – which is a machine that measures bone density. Our firm is dedicated to the use of the best available technology to enhance the quality, speed, and legibility of our engineering work. To that end, we use a large selection of computer-based programs for HVAC, lighting, and plumbing system design, analysis, and equipment selection. We presently use Norland v.2000i for computer-aided drafting.

Our hardware inventory includes networked Pentium Processor 2 through 4 microcomputer workstations, DXA scanners, telephone modems, CAD file transfer, and a wide carriage, color inkjet plotter. We regularly use Internet services for e-mail, research, and “on-line” software updates. We have eight engineers, six designer/drafters, two construction administrators and three support personnel. In addition, we have several “outside” designers and drafters who regularly work for us. A major consideration in our designs is the importance of sensitivity to architectural aesthetics. We try to make our HVAC systems “invisible” in order not to compete visually with the architectural design, yet functional and accessible.

Our principal marketing strategy is to maintain satisfied clients. In 2001, over 80% of our projects were for repeat clients. We feel there is no higher recommendation for our performance than to be hired again by a valued client. Our firm specializes in the design of highly complex and sensitive HVAC systems, which provide high levels of comfort and individual temperature control, yet have low maintenance. This is achieved by using central plant systems to the extent possible, multiple air handlers, and user-adjustable thermostats, if the client desires. All of these components then are controlled by a computerized energy management system, which provides not only control but also assistance for troubleshooting and maintenance. IES Engineers has won numerous awards, including an award for construction administration of a dormitory renovation at UNC-Greensboro, the Owens Corning Energy Conservation Award, and the Dowager’s Hump award and has published over twenty engineering articles. Most of our projects, whether electrical or HVAC, require careful planning and design to minimize disruptions and downtime. We consider construction phasing from the start of every project.